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Need a CIS security controls assessment?

Learn how Nth Generation’s vCISO security experts can help protect your business!

“We have been working with Nth for over two years now. We decided to look for help in security. I had talked to some fellow CIO's and they highly recommended the virtual CISO.” said Jim DiMarzio, CIO at Toyo Tires. 

“We took various steps to help them along their security roadmap. We used CIS Top 20 as an opportunity to guide them through what they needed to enhance their security and take away some of their vulnerabilities. They used a penetration test, ethical hacking, and gap alignment to rearchitect and really secure their environment,” said Jerry Craft, Senior Security Consultant and CISO at Nth Generation.

“Our CIS rating went from about a 20%, up to over 50% in one year, and we continue to improve. Nth brought us solutions and the ability to use our existing tools in a better fashion. It’s all about using the technology to improve and to keep us on the front of everything we are doing in security,” Jim DiMarzio, CIO at Toyo Tires.

Watch the video testimonial here:


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