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Security for Remote Work

External Vulnerability Assessment of Corporate Perimeter

Are you making changes to your perimeter to enable additional teleworkers?

Ensure you haven’t accidentally exposed yourself to a growing number of cyber threats with our Rapid Vulnerability Assessment service.

Endpoint Protection of
Non-Corporate Devices

Leveraging AI for optimal endpoint protection services

Are you using next generation AV?​

Especially when individuals use their own devices it is important to mitigate the opportunity for infection. Nth Generation can rapidly roll-out Cylance managed services to ensure these devices do not infect your organization.

Managed Security
Service Provider

Are you secure 24/7?

With heightened telework, many organizations are concerned about the lack of 24/7 visibility into attacks. Our MSSP services can quickly provide 24/7 coverage.

Phishing Tests & Training

Have you trained your employees on proper email hygiene?

Attackers are using national and/or global emergencies as an emotional way to get users to click-through. Test, train and reward your users by having Nth Generation conduct a Phishing exercise.

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