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Managed Security Services

Our CIS rating went from about a 20%, up to over 50% in one year, and we continue to improve. Nth brought us solutions and the ability to use our existing tools in a better fashion. It’s all about using the technology to improve and to keep us on the front of everything we are doing in security.

—  Jim DiMarzio, CIO at Toyo Tires

Packaged MSSP Offerings


  • Firewall Policy Management

  • Secure Remote Access

  • Malware Protection

  • Firewall


  • Security Based Protection

  • Edge to End Point Protection

  • Vulnerability Scanning (External)

  • Vulnerability Reporting

  • Log & Event Correlation

  • Geoblocking


  • All Standard Services

  • 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Log Management

  • Triage and Incident Management

  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

  • Alarms and Notifications

  • Core Threat Detection Module

  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention


  • All Advanced Services

  • Vulnerability Scanning (Internal)

  • Reporting

  • Behavioral Based Protection

  • URL Filtering

  • Antivirus

  • DNS Filtering

Endpoint Protection

Phishing has been the primary attack vector for the last several years.  Users inappropriately clicking on URLs or opening infected attachments present tremendous risk.  Leveraging artificial intelligence instead of signatures we provide superior protection to known vulnerabilities as well as zero-day payloads.

Security Event Monitoring

Security events can occur at any time.  Staffing a 24x7 in-house team is expensive and resource talent is hard to find and maintain.  Leverage our team to vigilantly monitor the environment 24/7 while you rest easily.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerabilities are continuously being identified and patches being developed.  Ensure your organization maintains a strong security posture by having clear visibility of the vulnerabilities exposed on your Internet presence as well as throughout the internal network.  In conjunction with a strong patch management program the organization will greatly minimize risk.

Patch Management

Effective patch management greatly reduces the rate and capability of damage an attacker can do within an environment.  With diverse business requirements, patch release schedules, holiday’s and employee turnover it is often difficult to keep the environment patched while also responding to new projects.  Let our team of experts offload the burden so your teams can focus on growth.  Tight maintenance windows, formal change control procedures and post patch validation testing is welcomed.

LogRhythm Management

Do you have an existing LogRhythm SIEM that you would prefer an external team manage for you?  Our team is highly skilled at LogRhythm and are here to help.


If you have Palo Alto firewalls and are looking for an organization to provide security event monitoring as well as having the ability to respond to active threats on your firewalls, look no further.  Our bench of security analysts are ready to help 24/7.

Request MSSP services today!

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