Our Story

In a climate where cyber crime is increasing exponentially, the risk of businesses being disrupted is imminent. As artificial intelligence and networking capabilities escalate, so ascends the skills of bad actors and their tools. The issue of whether or not companies need comprehensive security is no longer a question – it is whether you have the appropriate holistic security solutions that scale, maintain productivity, and meticulously protect your organization.

Nth Security is a brain trust comprised of a tenured Nth CISO team. We collaborate with your security team or can alternatively provide full CISO services depending on your custom needs. We empower your company to achieve maximum security maturity with minimal cost and resource allocations.

About Nth Generation

Your Trusted Security and Technology Advisor

Since 1991, Nth Generation has provided industry leading, consultative IT services, encompassing a suite of IT and security solutions. We empower clients to accelerate achieving optimal results through boosting agility, efficiency, and profitability, while mitigating business risks. Visit Nth.com for more details.












Dedicated Teams

Our team offers tenured, top-level certifications with leading manufacturers

Account Managers

Project Managers

Senior Certified Security Consultants

Solution Architects


Meet one of our very own:

Jeromie Jackson, Director of Security & Analytics


"We are very proud of the longevity of our teammates. We have a  culture of diligence, dedication, and passion for technology. We apply that passion to really help our customers."


In-house Technology Lab

A multi-million dollar environment testing cutting edge technologies

Nth Labs is a multi million dollar, cutting edge environment, where we evaluate, validate, and demonstrate key functionalities of a wide set of leading technologies that are relevant to your organization. At Nth Labs we show complete solutions beyond a point product.


Nth is a beta site for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  This allows us to provide feedback on developing technologies, maintain awesome relationships with the engineering teams, and be fully up to speed when new solutions are ready for release.