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Strategic Services

Our Nth Generation account team is simply customer focused. They bring a sense of urgency to the table. They inspire us to really stretch our capabilities across the organization and they are with us, throughout, to help solve business problems.

—  Mac Avancena, CIO, Kern County ITS

Virtual Chief Information

Security Officer (vCISO)

Strengthen your security posture by leveraging Nth Generation's security brain trust – a team comprised of awarded Nth CISO experts. Our vCISO can collaborate with your team to maximize security with minimal cost and resource allocations.

Business Impact

Let our experts guide your strategic plans for business continuity and disaster recovery. Nth will help you recognize the threats and risks facing your organization through a series of interviews and create a solid plan designed to meet your organization’s service level objectives.



Does your organization have a business continuity program to prevent and recover from potential disasters, cyberattacks or other threats?  Let us build, review or test your plan to ensure your ability to recover.



Conduct a comprehensive review of your information security program including policies, procedures, and topology used throughout your environment.

Regulatory Gap or

Readiness Assessment

Document the existing posture and draft prudent remediation plans based on regulations, such as: HIPAA; PCI-DSS; CCPA; NYCRR 500; FFIEC; NCUA; and SOX.



Document and prioritize the risks affecting your organization. By focusing on the primary risks, organizations can prudently leverage resources.

Security Awareness


Conduct end-user awareness training to educate staff on precautionary actions in order to secure the corporations, as well as themselves, from information
security threats.

Security Controls


A comprehensive assessment and validation of your company’s documented security controls to ensure the controls are functioning as intended.

Security Framework

Gap Assessment

Assess security posture based on industry frameworks and provide respective remediation recommendations. Frameworks include: ISO, NIST, CIS CSC, COBIT
and ACET.

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