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CyberArk Security Comlimentary Assessment

CIS Controls Gap Assessment

Forinet Security Assessment
Darktrace Security Assessment
BlackBerry Cylance Secrity Assessment
Proofpoint Security Assessment

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Varonis Security Assesment

Step-By-Step Process & Deliverables:

• An Nth Security expert explains every security control recommended by the CIS Critical Security Controls

• A Gantt chart and heat map are created to help guide your organization to better align with this valuable framework and best practice

• Nth advocates for your organization as a consultant to move forward with better compliance

AI-Powered Network and/or Email Behavior Analytics

Key Benefits:

• Correlates unique “pattern of life” for every device and user on a network to spot threats

• Using unsupervised learning, the AI technology identifies anomalies that would traditionally go undetected, and automatically learns from an organization’s ongoing activity in real time to detect threat behaviors as they emerge

• Gain visibility on threat exposure in your email and social and mobile environments

• Uncover the advanced threat risk exposure of your organization including malicious URLs and attachments

• Generates automatic scan report with meaningful metrics including number of mailboxes scanned,

  number of malicious messages found, top threats, and more

Data Risk Assessment

Key Benefits:

• Identifies and prioritizes at-risk areas like global access, stale data, and inconsistent permissions

• Discovers overexposed, sensitive, and classified data, including CCPA, PII, HIPAA, PCI, and more

• Reviews access controls and authorization processes to discover how you can improve your system’s security

• Analyzes file access to determine where you’re most at-risk, and easily reduces your risk profile

• Exposes data vulnerabilities, so that you can be confident in your data security

Blackberry Cylance Protect® Proof of Concept Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Protection

Key Benefits:

• CylanceProtect® uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and prevent malware attacks

• Cloud-based Management Console simplifies deployment and reduces operational overhead

• Lightweight Agent only uses 1-3% of PC processing power

Cyber Threat Assessment

Key Benefits:

• Next generation firewalls and a security fabric enabling a “single pane of glass” approach to a suite of leading security solutions

• ASIC-based solutions providing greater density and speeds with a much stronger ROI than the competition

• Protecting the network with broad visibility, integrated detection, and automated response through the Security Fabric

Privileged Access Risk Assessment

Key Benefits:

• Identify machines vulnerable to credential theft attacks

• Discover privileged accounts on-premise and in the cloud

• Assess privileged account security risks

• Identify accounts with local administrator rights

Request any of the above Complimentary Assessments

Complimentary Assessments

The Cybersecurity landscape is ever changing. Hackers are finding new ways to innovate and attack us. I really use Nth Generation as my trusted advisor to help provide us with direction and strategy and be really third party neutral.

—  John Manzanares, Executive Vice President Information Technology at CoolSys

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