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Client Testimonials

​City of Encinitas


"Nth brings incredibly value to us through the plethora of professional resources, you can't get in one place anywhere else. They work as a team – so  I know that if we are working on a new datacenter, for example, we are going to have the network architect that’s working alongside a cybersecurity professional; and we have a virtualization expert that’s also teamed together. We have a really really strong team that assists us in everything we do."

Jessica Contreras





"Nth helped us immensely through the vCISO program -- developing our strategy and seeing us through, as a trusted advisor, to make sure that we’re more secure."

John Manzanares,
Former Executive Vice President, Information Technology

Toyo Tires


"Our CIS rating went from about 20% up to over 50% in one year, and we continue to improve. Nth brought us solutions and the ability to use our existing tools in a better fashion."

Jim DiMarzio, CIO

Motion Pictures Association of America 


"Nth Generation's vCISO service is not just another compliance company, they really help and understand our environment."

Dennis Yang, CIO

Hospital Client

 Nth winds up being the glue for all of those solutions and our trusted strategic partner to help navigate how those solutions play together.

County Client

Together [with Nth], we embrace innovation by reinventing how our constituents feel about government and government solutions. 

Manufacturing Client

Our backup process and cyber security are for the better. 

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