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Virtual CISO

Jerry Craft is our Virtual CISO. Jerry is the reason I can sleep at night because I know he and his team are standing behind me if we do have any events.

—  John Manzanares, Executive Vice President Information Technology at CoolSys

Strengthen your Security Posture

Leverage Nth Generation’s Virtual CISO services – a security brain trust comprised of a tenured Nth CISO team. Our vCISO can collaborate with your CISO and security team, or can alternatively provide full CISO services depending on your custom needs. Your organization will be empowered to achieve maximum security maturity with minimal cost and resource allocations.

Lower Cost

Hiring and keeping skilled security experts is expensive. Without resources to hire a full-time CISO, it has become prudent to leverage external outlets at a significantly lesser cost. This allows you to improve your security posture efficiently and cost effectively.

The vCISO leads your technical resources and serves as an evangelist for your cybersecurity program. We leverage the NIST, CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC), COBIT, or other best practice frameworks to quickly assess current-state security and define future state vision. 

Ramp Cyber Security

No Need to be an Expert

Keep your teams focused on your core business. Our vCISO services will ensure you are continuing to strengthen your security posture. 

Get immediate access, assessments, and recommendations from experienced security experts. Nth's vCISO can ensure you are meeting compliance standards. We help implement best practices and offer cutting edge technology solutions to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity attacks. 


Get in contact with our vCISO today!

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