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Virtual CISO Packages

Our vCISO, Jerry Craft, helped us immensely through the program of developing our strategy and seeing us through as a trusted advisor to make sure we are more secure.

—  John Manzanares, Executive Vice President Information Technology, CoolSys

Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a service created to give companies access to experienced cybersecurity talent for security guidance and expertise. 


Each vCISO team member has over 20+ years of experience building information security programs, tactical security toolsets, and integrating these into a fully functioning cybersecurity program.


  • Dedicated Project Management Team and Resources

  • Formal Project Managed Cadence Meetings

  • Alignment to NIST Cybersecurity Framework as an option

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Build strong foundation with agility to prevent, detect and mitigate evolving threats

  • Provide leadership and resource coordination, i.e. cyberattacks, ransomware and other risks


  • All items from the Silver Level

  • Consulting on Compliance Initiatives

  • Team Alignment on Audit Objectives

  • Executive Management and Board of Directors Presentations

  • Coordinate with 3rd parties to represent client interests

  • Alignment to other frameworks, or compliance options available

  • Reporting and metrics


  • All items from the Gold Level

  • Completely customizable program

  • Audit and Compliance resource

  • Jumpstart or special project lead included


  • Leading the Information Security Program

  • Recurring Penetration Testing Services, Vulnerability Assessment Services, Managed Endpoint Services, Phishing Services, Ransomware Readiness Assessments, Wireless Assessment, Physical Security Assessments

  • Customized IT Services to help manage the systems, and security.

Get in contact with our vCISO today!

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