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Wildfires and Earthquakes and Cyber Attacks, Oh My!

Tap into Nth (G.O.A.T) Security Services

By: Bob Sale, Field Sales Engineer, Nth Generation

Living in Southern California offers so many advantages. You can hike the mountains in the morning and sit on the beach for sunset! In SoCal, we don’t have tornadoes, hurricanes, or ice storms. However, we do have activities every bit as devastating, such as wildfires and earthquakes – fires being more of an annual concern. The cycle looks something like: in spring, we get rain which grows plentiful vegetation, becoming “fuel”. Summer and fall arrive, and the cycle rotates to impending fire season through winter.

Cyber attacks such as ransomware are NOT seasonal.

They are 24/7/365. I have concluded that there are some incredible parallels of needs and activities to properly prepare, and if necessary, respond to these events.

In an organization when it is determined that a breach has occurred, like when you see or smell the fire in your neighborhood, the clock begins immediately ticking. If you have never experienced either of these dangers, be very thankful!

For a wildfire, do you have a personal plan?

Where are your personal irreplaceable items, such as family photos and videos, heirlooms, computers, and storage? You can let the tax returns burn (just kidding). Do you have additional clothing and food should the worst occur, and you no longer have a home, clothing, etc.

Does your organization have a plan?

Where are the company’s crown jewels? Do the team members know their specific roles or tasks to perform when the peanut butter hits the fan? Has the team practiced their response to a breach? Who has access to that information?

Return to “normal” in my neighborhood.

I have seen the devastation of a home burning down. “We will rebuild” is a common phrase. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Shockingly, it can take multiple years to accomplish this. Similarly, what is your organization doing to fortify and protect the castle?

Neighborhood safety & business relationships.

In our part of Orange County, the county has started to take positive steps toward protection from the spread of fire. They have brought in goats who eat absolutely everything in a patch then they are moved. The hill now looks like it was under a Marine barber. The county is also conducting forest management by removing old, dead, or diseased trees and ground brush. There are evidently many preparation steps required in advance of calamity.

Nth offers services.

Nth offers services – no goats, however – that can help your organization build a solid protection and response plan well in advance of a cyber incident, so that if/when the peanut butter hits the fan, your organization is as well positioned as possible.  

What types of services might you ask?

We offer services such as a CIS Assessment, Business Continuity Planning, Incident Response Preparedness and Retainers, as just a start.

Learn more & find a list of comprehensive security services at

Or contact me at to set up a 20-minute complimentary consultation with a tenured Nth Generation vCISO.


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