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OpsRamp Advances HPE in Hybrid Cloud Leadership

I was very intrigued by the purchase of OpsRamp by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). I knew little of what the company does, so I investigated why HPE purchased it, and how OpsRamp would add to the value of HPE’s current offerings.

Today, many companies use various point tools for their IT operations, but OpsRamp is a platform and not a point product. With over 2,500 integrations of various manufacturers, OpsRamp offers the following benefits:

  • Proactive IT Operations Be the first to know about issues, improves responsiveness, and enhances collaboration with your service desk

  • Enhance Productivity Eliminates swivel chair monitoring, incorporates systematic automation, and incorporates accelerated learning with AI

  • Innovate Faster Possesses the scalability to support a hybrid model and accelerates the adoption of new technologies

  • IT Asset Efficiency Consolidates operational tools, optimizes IT asset utilization, and maximizes your team resource efforts

  • Accelerate ROI & ValueStreamlines and rationalizes ITOM (IT operations management), utilizes automation for efficiency & governance, and improves service levels & customer experience

So what does OpsRamp actually do?

  • OpsRamp is a unified SaaS platform that monitors edge, datacenter, co-lo, and public cloud

  • Operations are simplified and automated

  • Discovery, monitoring, and management across the multiple hybrid and public cloud environments and vendors (e.g., Cisco, HPE, NetApp, Dell, etc.)

  • Root cause discovery and analysis of problems using intelligent observability and also determines trends and forecasting

  • Uses AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) and ML (machine learning) to identify anomalies, thereby reducing incidents. This is done through intelligent alerting and event management (with/without 3rd party tools)

  • Incorporates auto-patching and remediation

In 2020, Antonio Neri (CEO of HPE) envisioned HPE as an Everything as a Service (XaaS) company that allows for more diversity in HPE’s service offerings for cloud and on-prem IT organizations. The OpsRamp acquisition is part of the acceleration towards XaaS.

HPE Greenlake for private/hybrid clouds and Greenlake Flex Solutions will incorporate OpsRamp to automate and operate the IT management lifecycle. HPE will also use OpsRamp for HPE Managed Services for either HPE or non-HPE environments. OpsRamp will also be sold as a standalone SaaS offering.

Learn how Nth & HPE GreenLake can better serve your organization:

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