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New at Nth Symposium 2023: Workshops - IR/DR/BCP and AI



Rancho Bernardo Inn

OC + LA + IE


JW Marriott Anaheim

This year, we are featuring WORKSHOPS: extended-deep dive breakouts with subject matter experts


Workshop: AI 101

Terminology Tutorial: As you get started or continue with your AI journey, attend this session to learn clear definitions of fundamental AI topics, such as:

  • AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Pre-trained Models (ChatGPT, YOLO)

  • Neural Networks (NN, RNN, GAN): What gets used where

  • Computer Vision / Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Robotics / LLM / Recommendation Systems

  • Supervised / Unsupervised

  • Train vs. Inference


As well as:

  • Exploring utilizing AI for your organization

  • Getting started and process: lifecycle, train, tune, inference

  • Needed infrastructure and tools

  • Leveraging Matured AI: How to leverage well-established AI technologies today

  • Educational demos in the showcase following this session


Workshop: IR Plan, DR Response, Business Continuity

Focus on Organizational Resilience:

Walk away with a practical, strong, initial actionable plan:

  • Explore Incident Response plan design

  • Participate in tabletop exercises for Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

  • Review elements of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan

  • Learn how to organize your existing controls and identify gaps and where we can help

  • Determine next steps in completing a Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Plan


Submit questions you would like answered about either of the topics above [anonymous]: CLICK HERE

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More details to come!


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