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Announcing Nth's Director of Advanced Technologies

Nth Generation is excited to announce the promotion of our very own Lee Solomonson to Director of Advanced Technologies.

Lee joined Nth Generation over 20 years ago as a Systems Engineer – focused on storage, UNIX, and data protection. Five years later, he was promoted to Nth Labs Manager and added specializations in server virtualization and performance benchmarking. In 2019, Lee began mentoring a high school robotics team that introduced AI to improve robotic performance. Since then, he has been researching containers, cloud-native architecture, and different options for inferencing. 

 "In my new role, I get the opportunity to pull together all of my experience in the data center and apply to the field of Artificial Intelligence. I will be exploring ways to make AI workloads and solutions responsible, secure, reliable, performant, accessible, and scalable (in that order of importance)."

- Lee Solomonson 

Todd Burkhardt, Co-President, Client Engagement & CIO commented, “Congratulations, Lee, on your promotion to Director of Advanced Technologies at Nth Generation. This is a well-deserved recognition of your passion, dedication, and expertise in Artificial Intelligence.  

Your years of experience and innovative approach to AI have consistently set you apart as a thought leader in this field. Your passion for leveraging AI to solve clients' challenges has not only advanced our organization’s capabilities but has also inspired and empowered our sales and technical teams. 

As you step into this new role, I have no doubt that you will continue to drive our AI initiatives with creativity, vision, and strategic thinking.” 

Watch this short video to learn more about Lee!


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