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Remote Endpoint Security

Posture Assessment


As more organizations increase WORK-FROM-HOME


Cybersecurity risks have exponentially increased.

Cybercrime continues to play havoc with remote workers who are not used to protecting their home devices, prompting the FBI to issue warnings and guidance, and security companies to step in to help protect workers.*

Are you aware?

Home Wi-Fi Security

Home networks probably have weaker protocols (WEP instead of WPA-2, for example). This allows hackers easier access to the network’s traffic.**


Phishing attacks are widely recognized as the top cause of data breaches. Hackers can easily send seemingly legitimate, deceptive emails with malicious links and attachments. Once an employee clicks on this malicious link, a hacker is able to gain access to the employer’s device.**

Insecure Passwords

Simple passwords are incredibly easy for hackers to crack, and furthermore, if an insecure password is used across several platforms, it allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to multiple accounts in a very short period of time.**

Misleading Domains

Containing wording related to coronavirus, COVID-19, or other current worldwide or local concern, that lures a person into downloading of malware, including ransomware.***

How can we help?


Nth Generation's

Remote Endpoint

Security Posture Assessment

is designed to provide valuable insight into the endpoints and local networks being used to remotely connect to the corporate environment.

Insights include:

Firewall Configuration


Patch Levels

OS Details

Wi-Fi Configuration Weaknesses

...And More


of malware is delivered via email +


complaints related to coronavirus scams received and reviewed since March 30*


of reported security incidents are through phishing attacks+


of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied+

Keyboard and Mouse

How it works:


A light computer program will:

  • Collect the respective metrics on each in-scope endpoint

  • Create a current configuration data file

  • Copy it to a secured cloud repository



Nth Generation will:


  • Process all data files generated by the in-scope endpoints

  • Compile the data

  • Produce a consolidated report

  • Presentation of final report

The report includes:

  • An executive summary highlighting key findings

  • Additional summarized insights per collected metrics

  • Data graphics emphasizing weaknesses

  • Suggested high-level remediation best practices


Holistic Security Approach

With thousands of security technologies, a framework-based, holistic approach to cybersecurity has become essential.



HPE GreenLake Continuous Compliance service provides executive and tactical compliance views of your AWS and Azure environments.



* April 7, 2020; Credit Union Times

** April 10, 2020 Forbes

***Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency / DHS

+ March 9, 2020 CSO

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